Dance Marathon Hackathon 2021

Create new and innovative ideas that can be used by the Miracle Network Dance Marathon community to raise life-saving funds for kids treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across North America.

Pitch Your Idea to Change the World

We want your ideas to make what we do even better. Pitch your idea individually or in teams of up to 3 people, to create new and innovative ideas that can be used by the Dance Marathon community to raise life-saving funds for kids treated at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals across North America. 

What's in it for You?

The top 4 submissions will get to develop their idea with subject matter experts in the field, then present their idea live to a panel of judges on August 19. The winning individual or team will receive a $1,000 donation to their local children’s hospital, as well as their choice of grand prize below. The 3 runners up will each receive a $250 donation to their local children’s hospital.


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Proposals will be created and developed alongside a team of knowledgeable experts in the nonprofit industry.


The top proposals will get the chance to present at DMLC and compete for one of three amazing prizes!


Your ideas help shape the future of Dance Marathon. We know when we change kids’ health, we change the future.

Watch the Kickoff!

Tune in HERE to our Dance Marathon Hackathon kickoff to learn how you can submit your idea and compete!

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Key Success Criteria

      Each submission should be aligned with one of the following six categories: 

  1. Community Connection: Ideas should focus on ways to help Dance Marathon participants, communities, or teams stay connected and engaged with the program, to ultimately fundraise and become advocates for children’s health.

  2. Fundraising - Ideas should focus on new and innovative ways that will help programs drive fundraising in any area: sponsorships, participants, events, or other ways that programs fundraise in support of local children’s hospitals.

  3. Virtual Engagement - Ideas should focus on innovative and sustainable ways for programs to digitally create connection and motivation amongst their communities.

  4. Event Experience (virtual, IRL, hybrid) - Ideas should focus on creating a memorable experience, no matter the format of your Dance Marathon, to connect people to our cause, fundraise, and become lifetime advocates for children’s health.

  5. Communication, Marketing, and Campaigns: Ideas should focus on easily scalable strategies to promote Miracle Network Dance Marathon to diverse audiences (participants, donors, alumni, community members, sponsors), that tether the local campus organization and hospital, sub-brand program (Miracle Network Dance Marathon), and national CMN Hospitals brand.

  6. Blue Sky: The Dance Marathon community is one of the most resourceful and creative communities out there. If you have an idea that doesn’t fit into one of the above categories, place it here!
Subject Matter Experts
   Suraj Hinduja    Stephanie Underwood    Courtney Buzan    Daniel Almanza  

Suraj Hinduja

Managing Director



Stephanie Underwood

Senior QA Analyst




Courtney Buzan

Assistant Director 

for Campus Programs

University of South



Daniel Almanza

Academic Learning

Skills Specialist

University of Illinois 

How the Judging Works

A panel of CMN Hospitals Dance Marathon employees will review every idea submitted to this site and select the top 14 based off of the #1 priority- Innovative.


The top 14 ideas will be presented during the Community Feedback stage for YOU to provide comments on your favorites. The idea with the most upvotes* will be automatically entered into the top 15.


The top 15 will be judged by our SMEs made up of industry and Dance Marathon experts, resulting in a final 4. These ideas will further develop their idea and create a video presentation sharing their idea. These presentations will be shared at DMLC and a panel of judges will complete a final scorecard utilizing the below results.






Reflects a creative and innovative approach


Solves a Problem

Represents a viable solution to a real problem


Easy to Use/Implement

Provides an intuitive user interface and experience



Provides an easily understood value



Has the potential to scale and scale quickly


Technology Driven

Leverages a variety of technologies in an unique way

*final determination to be made by CMN Hospitals staff if needed

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Proposal teams can leverage the following resources to enhance proposals and strengthen the chances of winning:

For Proposal Submissions

Business Model Canvas

Value Proposition Canvas

Business Environment Canvas


For Pitch Presentations

Pitch Deck Template

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