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Jul 5 2021
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Stewardship is an essential part of one's campaign for change. Year after year we try to find ways to make this easier by focusing on improving the participants' end of things. We overlook the very reason we focus on stewardship, the donors.  Our vision is to create a platform on which donors have the streamlined ability to access all things Dance Marathon. Donors will with ease be able to see updates of their miracle makers, access important documents such as donation receipts, and much more.

Donors will now have access to their Donor Drive accounts, as participants would. On the landing page, they are welcomed by their own profile and how much they have contributed out of the annual goal they set. This addition also ties in with their employer, allowing for corporate matching which will increase fundraising. On the front page donors will have access to their timeline which will keep them up to date on all of the participants they have contributed to. This strengthens the bond between the two parties.

Donors will also have the ability to access a "Contributions" tab. Here all contributions from past years are organized. Filters can be set to sort the contributions by date, amount, name, etc. This will allow donors to keep up with their giving, without having to go out of the way and bookkeep for their donations.

The "Document Hub" houses tax receipts alongside any other miscellaneous documents. This will allow the user to download a complied document for the last completed fiscal year, or based on specified dates. Around tax time this will make the process to file for tax deductions much easier and will incentivize repeat donations. The donor will be able to break down each period to view each individual transaction as well.

We wish to empower donors and engage them in our mission. This addition to Donor Drive will incentivize donors to stay involved while continuing to contribute to Dance Marathon programs. Focusing on their experience with the platform and striving to make it perfect will pay dividends to the organization.

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