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Jun 28 2021
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General Proposal

DonorDrive is used year-round by Dance Marathon fundraisers and with the ability to personalize your fundraising page and share your story to potential donors, improvements can be made when it comes to donor engagement.

For both one-time and recurring donors, the experience on DonorDrive is bound to glancing over a fundraiser's story and making a quick donation. By prolonging the donor experience to the time they make their first donation all the way until the end of that year's Dance Marathon, donors have the opportunity to connect more to the cause and be part of the fundraiser's year-long journey.

This by no means creates an excessive commitment for donors to constantly be checking a fundraiser's DonorDrive page. The increased donor engagement would be driven by the Dance Marathon fundraiser through four new and improved features on DonorDrive: Fundraising Updates, Donation Comments, Improved Thank You Messages, and Program Updates.

I. Fundraising Updates

A Fundraising Updates feature would allow Dance Marathon fundraisers to post updates throughout the year on their fundraising page and publicly steward their donors. Fundraisers have traditionally made updates to their "My Story" section on DonorDrive but having this feature would allow donors to opt-in to getting notifications every time a fundraiser makes an update.

Donors will be asked to opt-in to getting notifications on the donation page or fundraisers can invite them via email to receive these notifications. The intent of these updates is for them to occur periodically (but not too frequently to where fundraisers are spamming their donors).

These updates would be pinned near the top of the fundraising page and formatted similarly to the way donations appear on DonorDrive.

An example of an update can be seen in the top box in Attachment #1. The fundraiser has made an update speaking directly to donors who either look at the fundraiser's page at the time the update is pinned and/or have opted in to receive notifications for when a new update has been made.

Another example of an update is shown in the bottom box in Attachment #1. The fundraiser is participating in a dare campaign and letting previous donors and anyone who checks their fundraising page of the incentive that is being offered. In this update, they have added one of their incentives to the update so anyone who wants to pledge a wing can easily make the donation right then and there.

II. Donation Comments

A Donation Comments feature would allow Dance Marathon fundraisers to steward their donors publicly at an individual level.

After a donation appears on a fundraiser's page, fundraisers will have the option to make a comment, shown in the top half of Attachment #2. As you can see, the "Comment" button appears right below the donation made. This option is only available to the fundraiser (when they are logged into DonorDrive). For fundraisers, clicking on this button will open up a text box where they can write their reply and publish the comment, shown in the bottom half of Attachment #2. Donors can reply to comments from the email notification they would receive if the fundraiser makes a comment. The notification will automatically be sent to the email the donor used to make their donation.

When a comment is made, it will appear as a thread on DonorDrive, with an option to condense and expand the thread, shown in Attachment #3. These threads will be condensed by default when someone opens the fundraiser's DonorDrive page. To expand the thread, simply select "View Comments." When a thread is open, select "Hide Comments" to condense the thread.

III. Improved Thank You Messages

When someone has made a donation, DonorDrive has the option to send a Thank You email. Having this feature be available right next to the donation makes sending these emails quick and easy. While a Donations Comments feature would allow fundraisers to steward their donors with the same ease, the "Send Thank You" feature should remain with several improvements. Keeping this feature will continue to allow fundraisers to steward anonymous donors, big donors, and any donor particularly interested in learning more about the cause.

An improvement that can be made to Thank You messages is the capability to add attachments, seen in Attachments #4 and #5. Fundraisers would be able to attach content such as personalized thank you cards written by Miracle Kids, impact reports with statistics from Dance Marathon programs and their respective local Children's Miracle Network Hospital, and even videos for personal stewarding. Programs have the option to add attachments they want all fundraisers to have access to or fundraisers can add their own attachments. Having this feature allows fundraisers to educate their donors regarding the impact their contribution has made and feel more connected with the cause.

IV. Program Updates

Program updates would allow fundraisers, donors, and anyone who visits a Dance Marathon's DonorDrive page to be in the loop on upcoming events and hospital events. Fundraisers will be able to opt in on notifications upon registration (with receiving notifications being the default) while donors will be able to opt in while making a donation, at the same time they would be able to opt in on fundraising updates to the fundraiser they're donating to.

The intent behind this feature is for programs to steward their donors throughout the year. Donors would have the opportunity to learn more about a program's local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. For example, the first update in Attachment #6 is an update regarding the new Specialty Pavilion at Dell Children's Medical Center that will allow patients to receive advanced, specialized care. Programs can even have the option to attach videos to these updates, whether it be a promotional video about an event or a campaign video from their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital.

Programs also have the opportunity to let donors know of events (such as hospital tours, tailgates, parent weekends, etc.) that they're invited to as a way of stewarding them. For example, the second update in Attachment #6 is an update regarding a Back-To-School Tailgate event hosted by our program to steward our summer donors.

Some donors may choose to opt in on fundraising updates and not program updates. This is understandable, as fundraising updates are more personal to the fundraiser they are supporting. If a donor is not subscribed to program update but a fundraiser sees an event/update a specific donor may be interested in, there will be an option to share the update with them (sent via email).

Program updates would appear on the home page of a program's DonorDrive page. Publishing these updates would happen at the backend of DonorDrive and be restricted to a Dance Marathon's management team and advisors. As there is already a handful of content on the home page (countdown, Dance Marathon info, leaderboards, etc.) the updates will be condensed by default, with the option to "View More Program Updates" at the bottom.

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