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May 22 2020
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Watch video presentation HERE.

Donors often do not understand or experience what it means to participate in Dance Marathon, and therefore donate once and call it a day. They are also disconnected from the Dance Marathon event, despite the fact that their donations are crucial to its success. Increasing donor engagement will incentivize donors to donate more than once and allow them to continue to be involved with the Dance Marathon program. Additionally, engaging with donors to educate them on the program's goals and events will allow us to steward them for their contribution by contextualizing how it will support their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital, giving them a clearer idea of the impact they are making. By integrating a virtual live stream into the Dance Marathon aimed at donors, we will be able to include them in the culmination of the program's yearlong efforts as valued members of the DM's community. Regardless of what Dance Marathon will be in the future, there will always be a need to have a virtual component. This form of a virtual dance marathon can easily be adapted to programs facing circumstances that require the use of technology in a much more integrated way.

Platform Proposition:

Donor Drive currently does not provide a platform where Dance Marathons can host their own live streams. Individuals are able to share their own streams to their donor drive pages, but we wanted to propose a program where dance marathons can host a live stream within the event that all participants would have access to share. Our proposal is to specifically use this new Donor Drive capability for a virtual dance marathon specifically catered to donors that coincide with a program's live Dance Marathon. However, this platform can be used by programs of any size to promote other events throughout the year as well. This platform should support live streaming as well as pre-recorded content to cater to any dance marathon program's needs.

Program Outline:

Dance Marathon should be an event that encourages the involvement of every participant and donor. Using a live stream platform that will make donors feel welcomed and engaged will increase fundraising and engagement overall. Instead of creating a new event dedicated to donors, we believe that engagement will increase when the live stream occurs during the Dance Marathon. This way, donors who have a personal connection to a participant feel more inclined to join and will have a more personal experience. The basic outline of the live stream will educate donors on the Dance Marathon system and the local Dance Marathon they are supporting. It will consist of an ongoing live stream where background and educational information will be given every hour by a dedicated emcee, as well as shoutouts regarding sponsorships, partners, etc. based on the activity going on during the actual Dance Marathon. To increase engagement and knowledge of the specific Dance Marathon program, a Miracle Kid story and a small recap video of a certain event will be played. For example, at 8 PM the morale dance is performed and streamed, then explained to donors by the emcee, and information such as the history of Children's Miracle Network is given. Following that, any activity, such as Silent Disco, will be announced to the participants at the Dance Marathon as well as to the stream of donors so that partnerships are being recognized. Additionally, there will be an announcement ribbon that will showcase donors' names for those that have made a donation during the twelve-hour dance marathon. Essentially, we can showcase to donors what the Dance Marathon experience is. For the hours that have dedicated activities, these will be displayed and explained to the donor live stream. For the hours that may run slower, Miracle Kid videos and recap videos of the year can be shown as well as morale dance education. Additionally, for programs that are smaller and unable to dedicate someone to the donor live stream, most of the information can be recorded at an earlier time and be displayed in a video.

Potential Hourly Outline:

*Throughout the entire event, an announcement bar would be set at the bottom of the screen where information can be updated live. This would be similar to the component that was included in the CMN Senior Ceremony to recognize the highest donor as well as the most recent donor. Programs can cater the information that they share to fit their program's needs best, but having this component will be an easy way to provide quick information to viewers.

*This outline can easily be adapted to the needs of different program sizes. Programs would be able to assign live emcees for this stream or play pre-recorded content. This stream also gives Dance Marathons an opportunity to educate viewers and bring greater awareness to the components that go into the marathon.

00:00 - Live Stream of Morale Dance

00:08 - Hourly Updates from Virtual Emcee

  • Shoutouts for partners; connect this to events happening during DM e.g. If lunch has been provided by a sponsor announce and recognize that sponsor to viewers
  • Highlight top fundraisers; our program highlights the top fundraiser of every hour by awarding them with a golden cowboy hat to wear for the hour. This participant is recognized in front of all our attendees. Recognition components like this can also be incorporated into the stream.
  • In-event fundraising updates: hourly totals, incorporate a donor recognition component

00:15 - Live or Pre-recorded segment about CMN and the history of DM

00:25 - Miracle Kid Story (can be told live or show pre-made content → can also bring in those Miracle Kids live during the event)

00:28 - Provide some live component of the dance marathon

  • Show a live performance
  • Show some of the in-event fundraising activities/stations
  • Interview a dedicated miracle maker

00:43 - Stream content from events throughout the year

  • As the hours progress, show events that have occurred throughout the year chronologically
  • Within our program, we start every year with a Kickoff event, so this would be the event that we highlight during hour 1

00:53 - Provide a video or link to your morale team teaching the morale dance to prepare viewers for the upcoming hour

*The timing of live content can be varied by each program to fit their needs and showcase their Dance Marathon as they see fit.

*Each hour this schedule would repeat so that donors can tune in at any point of the day, but the live content can be switched for viewers who are watching for multiple hours. The last few hours of the Dance Marathon can also be live-streamed so that everyone can experience the fun events like the rave, circle of hope, and the total reveal together.

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