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MNDM App Makeover
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May 21 2020
Under Development

Watch video presentation HERE.

With a goal to make participant engagement easier and more accessible, the current Miracle Network Dance Marathon mobile app is in need of a makeover. 

Imagine an app that combined the social networking you love from Instagram with the cause connection quintessential to Dance Marathon programs - all designed with the purpose to motivate participants to fundraise earlier and easier while simultaneously connecting with their team! The redesigned app would include features like:

  • Notification feed similar to Venmo and Facebook where participants and teams can "like", "share" and "comment" when someone receives a donation, hits a fundraising milestone, or personalizes their fundraising page.
  • QR code generator for participants to share with donors/invite them to scan or that can be added onto photos and/or shared onto Instagram stories similar to how TikTok shares videos directly onto Instagram stories from their app.
  • Administrator access to edit certain aspects of the app from the donor drive website to allow for a customized look and feel during awareness campaigns or fundraising pushes. This would also allow administrators to set the defaults to their school's branding (colors, font, mascot, etc).
  • "Submit a Request" section for team captains to request resources like miracle kid stories, team fundraising workshops, leadership support at their fundraising event, etc) that would be sent directly to the leadership member who could assist them.
  • "Resources" section where fundraising resources can be uploaded and updated in real time from the administrators. Participants could view and save sample graphics and copy example captions directly to their device.

Although social networking and fundraising apps both exist, this unique concept creatively combines both aspects to fully engage and motivate fundraising participation with an easy to use interface. Year after year, we face the challenge of lower levels of activation outside of the Big Event. This app redesign allows dance marathon programs to maintain higher engagement and excitement throughout the entire year by pairing technology with community in an innovative and intuitive way.

For a more detailed and updated outline of proposed mobile app features, check out our attachment: "DevelopmentPhase-FeatureOverview"

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